Ernest Garver

Portrait and Music photography in Birmingham, Alabama

When I was a young lad my father put a camera in my hand.  From that glorious day on I knew what I was supposed to.... Oh wait, that never happened.

I have always loved and appreciated imagery but until I picked up a camera about four years ago it was limited to a brief and non committal moment of "oh, that's cool".  My mom bought a little Nikon D60 for an upcoming trip to Italy (without me, thanks mom) and I picked it up by chance to play around for a bit to stave off a spell of boredom.  I ventured out into the back yard and starting clicking away near Pulitzer material of flowers and bugs and the occasional squirrel.  Ground breaking stuff really (insert sarcasm here).  I quickly realized that making a good image doesn't involve simply pushing a button.  

Over the last four and half years or so I have made some good images.  I have made a few crap ones as well.  That's what makes what I love to do, Photography, what I love to do.  A constant learning process, growing, changing and evolving.  There's a mountaintop up there, but I don't ever want to reach it.  I just want to meet some great people, make some great friends and enjoy the rigorous climb, hopefully making a few great images along the way.